Who is Ms Bella St John?

Achievement Strategist and Executive Coach with several decades of experience consulting to some of the world's top companies and high net worth individuals.

Bella is a Luxurious Nomad, travelling the world 24/7, living a life most people only dream about living...

Bella has to date published over 30 books, many as a ghost-writer.  She has had three best-sellers, and written countless articles.

Bella has also coached many people through the process of  writing and  self-publishing  their book.

Bella has won several awards for her photography, including being shortlisted as a finalist in the International Historic Photographer of the Year Awards

Bella's unique outlook on life have lead many to request her to create courses and free classes on mindfulness, the law of attraction, spirituality, and abundance.

Starting with a career in radio and as a keynote speaker, Bella has presented and hosted week-long corporate retreats, movie premieres at Warner Bros, various shows, podcasts, and more.

Bella's early artwork leaned more toward realism, but recently she has begun creating abstract, mixed media pieces, focusing on watercolour, pencil, and acrylic.

Fascinated by frequency and vibration, Bella has recently begun experimenting with creating audio tracks for meditation, concentration, and relaxation.

Thank you for visiting! Wishing one and all a most glorious day.