Success Redefined

Instead of thinking out of the box, get rid of the box.

Along with Yoda’s “Do or Do Not” (the Latin translation of which is ‘Facere Vel Non Facere’, and is in our crest), we believe this quote by Deepak Chopra to be one of the most profound statements, and guiding pieces of magic when it comes to being the very best one can be, and living the most amazing life!

Elegantis Vitae ~ An Elegant Life

Specialists in developing innovative solutions that deliver measurable results and positive sustainable impact - Ms Bella St John.

Re the above quote:  Edsger Wybe Dijkstra was one of the most influential pioneers of computing sciences, and helped shape the new discipline from both an engineering and a theoretical perspective.  One of the foundations of his work and fame is the algorithm for the ‘shortest path’, also known as Dijkstra’s algorithm.  He believed that ‘elegance’ in all things is the cornerstone of success.  [Photo credit:  Ms St John took the photo above from the front door of the holiday home she leases in the Scottish Highlands]

Who We Are

The driving force behind it all is Ms Bella St John who lives and breathes ‘elegantis vitae’ in everything she does.

Ms (Leigh) Bella St John is a well-known achievement strategist, executive coach, writer, presenter, and a leading authority on ‘abundance thinking’, virtual communication, and remote leadership.

Thanks largely to the residual income streams Bella has created from licensing her professional development programs, she is now largely retired and travels the world as a Luxurious Nomad, living a virtual laptop-lifestyle most people only dream about.

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What We Do

Let’s start with what we don’t do.  We don’t believe that success comes from simply working harder or longer, or even smarter!

We believe, and have decades of experience that shows, that real success comes from having an inspired vision that is aligned with your core values.

When one is inspired by a vision that is aligned with values they hold near and dear, they naturally gravitate to the best, most productive ways to bring that vision to reality.

We help you create and fine-tune that vision – and provide the support and tools to ensure your entire organization has what we call, Four Part Harmony.

We help solve problems, dream bigger dreams, achieve bigger goals, and increase profitability - Ms Bella St John.

As specialists in the virtual and remote working environment, we provide bespoke coaching, mentoring, and consulting services to Entrepreneurs, and work with Executives and Senior Leadership in some of the world’s top companies.

For individualized support, we provide a one-on-one advisory program where the client works directly and personally with Ms Bella St John (strictly limited number of clients at any one time).

For organization-wide transformation, we provide our internationally-renowned peer mentoring program, that is fully scalable, delivering guaranteed leadership development with measurable results and sustainable change.

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Respect is at the Core

Whether through individualized coaching and consulting, or through company-wide peer mentoring leadership development programs, our core passion is to continually demonstrate the tangible link between ‘respect’ and ‘profitability’; and how respect, integrity, and dignity are intrinsically linked to sustainable growth and success, for individuals and organizations alike.

Specialists in developing innovative solutions that deliver measurable results and positive sustainable impact - Ms Bella St John.

Working With Us

If you would like to discuss the possibility of working with us, either as a potential client, or a potential licensee or facilitator of our peer mentoring programs, please email us: