I have decided to put together an anthology of some of my poems and publish them.  When I do, that will be listed here, and on the ‘Books‘ page.  Until then, here is a poem I wrote recently.  I was so very touched when a dear friend commented that reading it brought her to tears – not that I wanted her to cry!, but as a writer, the most wonderful compliment one can receive, in my opinion, is to touch the soul of another…

Poetry by Ms Bella St John

In a fragile world where AI’s path looks so dire,

When the Earth’s core shifts, yet no one’s the wiser,

Will we stand together in this time of extremes,

Seeing these dangers, yet more focused on our dreams?


As we see the threads of human connection fray,

As respect and manners continue to sway,

As anonymity’s mask becomes a ghosting shield so cold,

Will humanity’s beloved values become a lost story of the bold

That is only told in history lessons of old?


Will we choose to ‘be the change’ that shines through the night,

A reminder that darkness is simply the absence of light?

If we focus on love, on dreams of what can be,

Can we still shape the future we want, and set our concerns free?


The answer may be one as inspiration to all,

To rise above, to answer the call;

To see the dangers, yet not be confined,

And in doing so each create a space where love’s dreams are enshrined.

~ Ms Bella St John

What Do You See?

I look at myself in the mirror, but what do I really see?

A mere image, a trapped reflection, or is there something more to me?

In this mirror, do I dare to think I might glimpse my soul,

Or am I only my reflection – is my outer my entire whole?


Do you see the courage that lies within,

Or the tears that sometimes threaten to begin?

Do you see the laughter that brings me joy,

Or the fears that sometimes threaten to destroy

The very essence of who I am?


You show me the lines etched on my face,

You show me the wrinkles I need to embrace.

You reflect my dreams, my hopes, my fears,

But are you more than just a portrait of my years?


Are you more than a simple reflection;

A reminder of the beauty of imperfection?

Or are you a chance to look within and see

The endless possibilities of who I can be

If only I believe in me?


Or are you somehow caged in this single plane

Eternally constrained to reflecting my life’s refrain?

Is it you who is a captive imprisoned therein,

Or is it me who is hostage to the reflection I feel within?


Reflection, my reflection – am I just another human form;

A mere image, and an accident of nature that just happened to be born?

When I gaze into eyes that are mine, what do I really see?

…and when you look out from the mirror back at me

Do you feel free?

~ Ms Bella St John