How big is your tank?

How big is your tank? …and before you ask, no, this is not an article about aquariums. You’ve heard the phrase, “goldfish only grow to the size of their tank”, but have you ever considered the same can be said of people?

Before we explore the issue further, let’s examine the fact behind the myth when it comes to our friendly little goldfish. 🐟

Technically, the size of the tank is only one of the factors that limits and stunts the growth of the fish. The others are predominantly poor conditions, too much or too little food, and stress.

Now, imagine you are essentially that fish – apart from considering your lifestyle, and your stressors, that are outside the scope of this post – let’s examine the size of your tank or pond. By that, I am referring to the people with whom you interact, the size of your sphere of influence, the size of your reach in your profession or industry.

If on any given day, you only interact with the same people you did yesterday, and the day before… you are not expanding the size of your tank, and thus not doing all you can to fully support your own growth.

If, when you post and article or comment, you only do so in small, internal environments with people who already know you, again, you are not expanding your reach and your growth.

If you do not participate in forums or discussions where ideas are explored and expanded upon, you will continue to think the same thoughts tomorrow as you did yesterday…

Earl Nightingale said, “We become what we think about” – so if you think the same thoughts, you are essentially ‘becoming’ the same as you already were…

Lou Holtz is quoted as saying, “In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying, so get in motion and grow.”

If you have already decided you are safe and comfortable in your small tank, and that is where you wish to remain – that’s wonderful. Not everyone wants to grow and develop.  If not, in order for each of us to continue to reach toward our greatest potential, we need to consider the size of our tank – and interact with the world accordingly.

“I was the goldfish that leapt out of the bowl.”
— Paula Fox, Author, New York State Writers Hall of Fame

~ Bella


Ms (Leigh) Bella St John’s career to date is that of achievement strategist, executive coach, professional speaker, and a leading authority on finding innovative solutions, ‘abundance thinking’, virtual communication, and remote leadership.