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Welcome to this week’s ‘Inspiration Station’ Weekly Updates.

In this issue:

  • Get free access to the World’s Largest List of Writing Competitions
  • Explore stunning University Square and come for a walk around the block with me here in Old Town Bucharest
  • Author Masterclass: How to Sell More Books and Create Your Author Platform
  • Interesting viewpoint about success and excuses

What a huge week… Among other things, I am in the middle of:

  • editing the new series of “A Novel Idea – The Author’s Journey”
  • preparing for the launch of “Wine, Pray, Love”,
  • assembling my portfolio for the release of digital downloads of some of my artwork and photography
  • uploading a series of short classes and courses
  • building out our new BookTubeAuthorTube website

…and as they become available, I will add them to the weekly updates – so stay tuned!


World’s Largest List of Writing Competitions

My elves have been busy collating what we believe is actually now the world’s largest single collection of writing competitions, with over 1700 competitions spanning a range of genres.

To get free access to the list, simply go to and enter your email in the popup window. You will receive an email with the access code.

…and if you are wondering why you would enter writing competitions, here is a short article:


Beautiful University Square in Old Town Bucharest

Here you will find the video and photos:


Author Masterclass: How to Sell More Books and Create Your Author Platform

If you have ever struggled to sell more books, or to create your Author Profile, this program spread over ten weeks (but you get immediate access to everything) with 20+ lessons and over 100 action items is for YOU!


Where do I start?

Create Your Book Marketing Plan

Create & Build Your Author Platform



Know & Engage With Your Audience

Prepare & Distribute Your Book Marketing Assets



Become a Best-Seller on Amazon

Enter Writing Competitions & Attend Book Fairs



Build Your Book’s Platform

Run Price Promotions



Get More Exposure Online

Spread The Word On Social Media



Optimize Your Book’s Amazon Presence

Participate in (and host!) Events & Webinars



Effectively Use Direct Advertising

Get Reviews



Create Branded Merchandise

Consider Image – Your Book’s and Yours



Start Strategic Blogging & Writing

Offline Book Marketing

Get Publicity



Build & Effectively Use Your Email List

Other Marketing Ideas

Now what..?

I have just launched this program so I have made it currently available for you at a ridiculously low price (and yes, the price will be going up once I finish building the other supporting sales material).


Success or Excuses

…and if you are ever tempted to use your past as an excuse for not achieving in your present, consider just these few examples:

  • Colour-blind, habitual truant, and school dropout at the age of 15 years, Soichiro Honda‘s early life was one of poverty and sadness, having lost 5 of his siblings.  As a teenager, Honda left his home and the village in which he had grown up and moved to the city.  His first job was that of an unpaid babysitter – yet he went on to create one of the most iconic brands in the world.
  • Needing to assist his bankrupt  family, Frederick Henry Royce’s first job was at the age of 4 years as a bird scarer on a nearby farm.  Royce’s father died when he was only 9 years of age, and needing to spend all his time helping to support the family, by age 15 years he had completed only one year of school – but throughout his life, he became self-taught.  In addition to co-founding one of the world’s greatest iconic brands, Royce also patented the bayonet fitting on lightbulbs that we still use today.
  • Homeless at the age of 13 years, Louis Vuitton would go on to create one of the world’s greatest luxury brands.
  • Orphaned at the age of 12 years, Hans Wildorf would go on to create not only one of the world’s greatest luxury watch brands, but the first waterproof wristwatch (the ‘Oyster’ in 1926), the first self-winding mechanism (the ‘Oyster Perpetual’ in 1931), the first watch with a date window on the dial (the ‘Datejust’ in 1945), among other firsts – the brand? Rolex.

Not only that, but after the death of his wife, Wildorf created a non-profit foundation in her honour and decreed that Rolex be wholly transferred into ownership by the foundation upon his death.  As such, Rolex is technically a non-profit entity and donates almost all the money it generates over operating costs to charitable causes.

Well, it’s late and I still have some things to finish up so I will say goodnight/good morning (depending upon when you read this).

Wishing one and all a truly glorious week ahead!

~ Bella


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