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Hello and Happy Wednesday!  Sorry I’ve been ‘off-air’ the past couple of weeks – would take too long to fill you in.

Anyway, here is this week’s Inspiration Station Update:

  • AI / CHAT-GPT Introduction Course
  • Amazing Lifetime Deals & Discounts on AI Tools and Platforms 💎
  • Automated, Self-Drive Taxis are REAL and operating in San Francisco!
  • A Novel Idea – My Interviews with some INCREDIBLE Authors – LIVE today and tomorrow!
  • Exploring Old Town Bucharest, Romania
  • Interesting Trivia

If the term, CHAT-GPT is new to you, you’re not alone – but you will be soon…

Released to the public on November 30th, 2022, by December 4th it had over ONE MILLION users, and the implications of what it can do – and is already doing – to almost every aspect of our lives is extraordinary.

It truly is not possible for me, in just one email – or even one VERY LARGE blog post, to go through the ways that AI and CHAT-GPT are already impacting our day to day world.

If you would like a general overview, I have just uploaded a video here: – it’s the introduction to the course I mention below.

Here is just one example.

Imagine being able to ask your computer to write a thesis on something like ‘the intersection of spirituality, religion, and AI’ and to provide references from 2021 and 2022.

I asked it to just provide a summary with that prompt, and here is what it generated – in 17 SECONDS – three options from which I could choose (I could have asked it to produce hundreds and it would have done so in about 30-ish seconds):


This thesis examines the intersection of spirituality, religion, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The paper investigates the potential impact of AI on religious and spiritual practices, beliefs, and institutions. It aims to explore how current and emerging AI technologies can contribute to the development of spiritual and religious worldviews, offering insights into how the relationship between humans and machines may develop in the future. Evidence from recent research is used to demonstrate how AI has already begun to influence religious, spiritual, and ethical considerations. Furthermore, research from 2021 onwards is drawn upon to show how AI technologies are affecting religious and spiritual practices and institutions. Finally, implications for the future of AI-based spiritual and religious practices are discussed. (References: Haseeb et al., 2021; Hertz et al., 2022.)

This thesis explores how spirituality, religion, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) intersect in the modern world. It investigates how recent advances in AI technology have caused a shift in how people think about spirituality and religion, from traditional associations to new ideas of “post-religion”, with AI at the center. The research draws on recent studies, such as Gomez and Swander’s 2021 paper on “Post-Religion and AI”, and Williams’ 2022 paper on “The Spiritual Implications of Artificial Intelligence”, which both examine the philosophical implications of AI on spirituality and religious beliefs. Overall, this thesis proposes that AI technology has opened up new ways to think of spiritual practices and religious beliefs, and encourages further exploration into the complexities of this intersection.

This thesis examines the relationship between spirituality, religion, and artificial intelligence (AI). It aims to explore how spirituality, religion, and AI can work together and the implications of such an intersection. It looks at the ways in which AI can provide insights into spiritual or religious practices, as well as how it can be used to enhance them. Additionally, the thesis will discuss ethical considerations that must be taken into account when developing AI-driven spiritual or religious practices. Lastly, it will examine the potential outcomes of such overlap, as well as how it may affect both individuals and society as a whole. In doing so, this thesis seeks to provide insight into how AI can support spiritual and religious practices in the 21st century. References: 2021 – Gershenfeld, N. (2021). Giving Machines Souls: The Intersection of Technology and Spirituality. Scientific American. Online version. Retrieved from 2022 – White, J. (2022). The Intersection between Religion, Spirituality, and AI: Implications for a Postmodern World. Theology and Technology Review. Online version. Retrieved from


If this is all new to you, I have created an introduction to AI / CHAT-GPT course that is a series of videos with PDFs that you can go through at your own pace and in your own time, that not only brings you up to speed, but gives you examples of how you can use this new technology (and the course is only $49 as opposed to a lot of the hugely expensive programs available):


💎 Amazing Lifetime Deals & Discounts on AI Tools and Platforms

It’s one thing to know about AI / CHAT-GPT, and another to have the tools to use it.

There are several AI tools I use for various purposes, but if you would like some amazing discounts, lifetime deals (as opposed to paying monthly subscriptions etc), this is the place:

…and I love what they do so much, I have partnered with them.


Automated, Self-Drive Taxis are REAL and operating in San Francisco!

Have you ever dreamt of a future where you could simply hop into a self-drive taxi and ride to your destination without having to worry about the hassle of traffic or even having to drive? The city of San Francisco is on its way to making this a reality by exploring automated transportation as a way to revolutionize transportation in the city.

…BUT… before you get too excited,

“They’ve blocked traffic, driven on the sidewalk, sped away from cops—and the city is powerless to stop them.” This was from an article published a few weeks ago.

I asked AI to generate an article exploring the issue. This is what it came up with:


A Novel Idea – My Interviews with some INCREDIBLE Authors – LIVE today and tomorrow!

I feel so incredibly blessed to have interviewed these amazing authors – and beautiful souls – for the latest season of, “A Novel Idea – The Author’s Journey”.

The episodes go live today and tomorrow (and will then be available 24/7 on YouTube with podcasts and other streaming platforms to follow soon).

* Please note, the following are in US Eastern time (UK time is 5 hours later).


TODAY – Wed 22nd February, 2023

·        11:00am Eastern US – Mr Devon Harris –

Devon was an original member of the 1988 Jamaican bobsled team (you might have seen, “Cool Runnings”?) and captain of the 1992 and 1998 teams; 3-time Olympian.

·        12:00pm Eastern US – Mr LJ Martin –

L. J. is quite simply a ‘legend’. He is the author of approximately 60 western, historical, mystery, and thriller novels from Bantam, Pinnacle, Avon, and Wolfpack Publishing, and of five non-fiction works. He has a dozen books under option to film companies here and in Germany, and, as a screenwriter, has had three screenplays optioned. He is also the recipient of the prestigious 2023 Will Rogers Medallion Award for lifetime achievement in Western literature.

·        1:00pm Eastern US – Dr Richard Gentry –

Richard is an internationally acclaimed author, researcher, and educational consultant known for his ground-breaking work in education on topics such as early literacy; best-practices for reading, writing, and spelling; and dyslexia.

·        2:00pm Eastern US – Ms Reggie Barlow –

Reggie shares an amazing history of a time almost forgotten in America – “My family were hard working farmers. I fished, hunt, rode horses, drank well water, house was lit by oil lamps, used an outhouse, and bath in a tub. I spent my first five years with my grandmother and uncles.”


TOMORROW – Thu 23rd February, 2023

·        11:00am – Eastern US – Coach Rick Kolster –

Rick is a serial entrepreneur, and master salesman. He started his entrepreneurial life at the age of 11 cutting lawns and shoveling snow off of neighbors sidewalks; then at the age of 22 he bought his first restaurant which went on to become the largest seller of a national beer in the county. He has also built sales teams for companies like Fox Sports Direct and Belden W&C.

·        12:00 – Eastern US – Dr Trahern (Tron) LaFavor –

Trahern is a former NFL football player who now works with abused and neglected children, and facilitates a youth empowerment class at his church every Sunday morning.

·        1:00pm – Eastern US – Mr Cam Clark –

Cam wrote one of my all-time favourite novels – an extremely well-researched book about a woman who travels through time to… (no, I won’t spoil it, you’ll just have to watch the interview!)

·        2:00pm – Eastern US – Ms Jean Walters –

Jean has been at the forefront in the movement for personal transformation, clarity, and truth for over 35 years.


Some interesting trivia to keep you inspired to explore the world in new and interesting ways…

  • The lost property office at Dublin airport apparently has an unclaimed tombstone with the words: ‘You will always be remembered, never forgotten.’
  • Aleksandr Ilyich Ulyanov was tried and executed for his failed assassination attempt on Alexander III of Russia.  Why is this interesting?  His younger brother was Vladimir Lenin.
  • Thomas Hardy‘s editor for “Far from the Madding Crowd” was Leslie Stephen – who also happened to be Virginia Woolf‘s father.  (I feel very honoured to have a set of Hardy’s novels, published between 1871 and 1895)
  • Cannibalism is not illegal in Britain.
  • The ozone layer is only 15 parts per million made of ozone.


Wishing one and all a glorious rest of your week.

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…and thank you again to my wonderful interview guests. I do feel ever so honoured.

~ Bella


Ms (Leigh) Bella St John’s career to date is that of achievement strategist, executive coach, professional speaker, and a leading authority on finding innovative solutions, ‘abundance thinking’, virtual communication, and remote leadership.