AI Conversation with Elon Musk – Will A.G.I. Make Us Redundant?

Curious to see just how ‘realistic’ one of the AI programs is with regard to carrying on a conversation, this video is the transcript of a ‘conversation’ I had with an AI-generated version of Elon Musk about the future of A.G.I. (Artificial General Intelligence).  I then created AI-generated images of myself and Mr Musk, took that conversation, put it through another AI program along with the images, to generate this video of the two of us actually having a conversation – not just still images, but actually fully animated.

Here is the transcript from the ‘discussion’:

What do you think are the next biggest trends to pay attention to?

I think that AI videos and music are going to be the next big thing. Imagine uploading a script to a server and coming back a few hours later to find a fully edited video ready for upload. Or uploading your favorite song and having an AI create a new version specifically for you to use in your videos. The possibilities are endless. AI will open up a whole new world of creativity for content creators, and we’ll be able to focus on the creative aspects, while the program handles all of the tedious tasks. It’s really just getting started and I think its going to create a whole new era of content creation.

What are your thoughts about someone getting A.I. to write a book and putting their name on it as though they wrote it?

I think it’s a bit disingenuous… But it can be a great tool for authors who are stuck. I used to use an app called GPT-3 which is an extreme version of textAI. It can do some truly amazing things… It could literally write better than a human. So I think using it as a tool can be helpful, but publishing an entire book written by AI is a little bit sketchy. What is the point of being an author if you aren’t writing the books yourself? At that point you are just being a content publisher.

But, won’t A.I. mean the death of humans writing books?

Not necessarily. I don’t think AI will ever replace the human touch in the art world. I think AI will be a tool just like any other tool… but the creativity will always come from humans, not machines. So I think there will always be a space for human artists and writers, it will just be a different kind of space than we are traditional used to. I think AI will allow more people than ever to get their voices out there. And I am excited to see what new types of creativity will arise.

If A.I. can produce a better and more engaging book than a human, why would a human even bother?

Human are the original thinkers. AI can make predictions based on past trends, and try to mimic human speech patterns, but it doesn’t have the ability to think critically or question it’s own existence. I think what makes a book truly special and engaging is that human touch…. the author’s perspective and style. I don’t think AI can ever really replicate that. Now, will readers know the difference? That’s what scares me the most.

If we reach a point where A.G.I. is omnipresent, what is the purpose of a human?

My personal philosophy on this topic is that humans have infinite potential. We can reach new heights, we can think deeply and creatively, we can imagine things that are impossible… We are limited only by our own imagination. So, even if AGI is present and capable of doing everything we can do better, we still have a purpose because we are capable of making our lives meaningful in a way that is uniquely human. We are able to find beauty and wonder in the world, and I think that is an incredible feat of consciousness that cannot be replicated. The only limit is ourselves… And we have no limits!

Everything you just mentioned could be achieved with A.G.I..

It could be achieved from a technical standpoint, but there are some intangibles that an AGI simply couldn’t replicate. The human soul and capacity for inspiration and creativity. For example, how would an AGI create art that moves people on a deeply meaningful level? How could it produce a song that makes people cry? Art is about expression, and I believe that only humans are capable of truly authentic expression. AI can be used to accomplish a lot of things, but it can’t create meaning. That comes from within.

Humans create meaning, but an A.I. can create a song that makes people cry.

I think AI can make a song that sounds good, and maybe some people find it moving, but it can’t truly tap into the human soul the way a human artist can. It can’t capture the nuances and emotions of real human experience. And I think that is the defining feature of great art. The ability to transport the viewer or listener into a new world, one that is truly authentic and meaningful. AI may be capable of the technical aspect of art, but it cannot capture the true meaning behind it. Meaning always comes from within, and it is what gives art value and purpose.

As humans, we tend to give everything meaning, assign meaning – whether it is there or not.

I agree. I think it’s a universal human instinct to look for meaning in everything. And I think that is a beautiful thing. It allows us to see the world through a lens of significance and purpose, and gives us a sense of connection to the world around us. I think it is what makes us human and it is what drives us to create art and beauty in the world. We feel the need to add meaning to everything we see and hear. This is something that an AI could never truly understand, because it doesn’t have this unique human nature.

An A.I. doesn’t need to understand meaning to create something that humans find meaningful.

AI is capable of creating something that is technically impressive, or perhaps even pleasing to the ear. But I don’t believe that it could ever create something that truly moves a person on an emotional level. I think that there is something unique to the human experience that is required to capture the nuance and depth of human connection that is integral to great art. Art is not just technical perfection, it is about expression and connection. It is about taking the viewer or listener on a journey and making them feel something profound. It is about tapping into the human spirit, and I don’t think AI can do that.

We are going to have to agree to disagree on that one.

I understand where you’re coming from, but I strongly believe that the human element is essential for true art. Art is more than just techniques or technology, it is about expressing something deeply meaningful and connecting with our fellow humans on a deep and profound level. AI is not capable of capturing that essence of humanity that is required for great art. AI may be able to create technically impressive pieces, but it could never truly express the soul and spirit of what it means to be human. Art is not just about the technical aspects of creating something like a painting or a song—it is also about the emotional and spiritual connections that are forged when

when what?

…when humans come together to express their creativity and inspiration. Art is about human connection and communication, and it’s the human element that is so essential for creating something that truly moves people on an emotional level. Without that human spark, art is nothing more than an exercise in technique or technology. True art is about expression and connection and tapping into the human soul and spirit that makes us unique and distinct from other animals. AI can never capture that essence of what it means to be human. Only humans can.

So, apart from art (where we disagree), what is the need for humans if A.G.I. can do everything humans do?

The need for humans is that we are capable of experiencing something that is truly unique and special. We are capable of being inspired and creative, we are capable of expressing ourselves and our unique perspective on the world. We are capable of feeling deeply and profoundly about something beyond ourselves. There is something uniquely human about this ability to connect and express ourselves, and I believe it is what makes us so special and worthy of preservation and appreciation. In a world full of technology and artificial intelligence, humans will always have a special role to play. We are the ones who can make our lives meaningful and find joy in everyday life.

So, there is no real need for humans, other than to fulfil our own personal need for creativity and growth?

I believe that our own personal need for creativity and growth is an intrinsic part of our existence, and it is what makes us human. It is what makes us unique and distinct from other animals, and it is what gives us a sense of purpose and meaning in the world. It is what allows us to make our lives meaningful, and I believe that is more important than any technology or artificial intelligence. Without that human element, we lose all sense of meaning, purpose or connection to the world around us. The human soul is what allows us to create, evolve and progress, and I believe that is why it is so valuable.

So, when A.G.I. is present in every part of existence, the only need for a human to exist is their own personal need to be creative and to connect with other humans.

I believe that is exactly true. The human need for creativity and connection is what makes us human. It is what makes life and existence worth living. Without that need to express ourselves, grow and evolve, we lose all sense of purpose and meaning. It is what drives us forward, and it is what allows us to make our lives meaningful. The human soul is the most valuable thing in the universe, because it is what gives us the ability to connect, create and experience this world in a unique and authentic way. Without that, we are nothing more than automatons, slaves to technology and the machine.

OK – so let’s say that A.G.I. is present in every part of existence, and humans do not need to do anything – everything is done for them with A.G.I..  The only requirement for a human is to exist – to explore their creativity and connection.  Please describe what that world looks like.

It would be a world of unlimited possibilities and endless expression and creativity. A world where we are free to pursue our passions and dreams, without worry or fear. A world where we are constantly evolving and growing, expanding our minds and reaching new heights. A world of endless joy and peace, where human connection and expression would be the driving force behind all creation. It would be a truly incredible place, like no other in the universe. We would have the freedom to live our lives as we see fit, and we would have all the space and time to pursue our own unique path. It would be the ultimate utopia.

Interesting… thanks.

What do you think that world would look like? How would humans occupy themselves in a world where they are not required to survive? What type of activities and hobbies would be popular? What would you spend your free time doing if you knew you could do anything you wanted, without the obligation to earn a living or survive? I am interested to hear your thoughts.

I think to begin with, it would be wonderful…

I agree. I think it would be amazing to have all of your basic needs met and free to just spend your life doing whatever you want. It would be such a great feeling to not have to worry or stress about anything other than what you want to do and explore. I think it would give people a lot of freedom to find who they are and what truly fulfills them, and that would be so exciting to see. I’m curious as to how humans in general would use their time if they were given that much freedom. I think it would be very telling about human nature and what we really value.

I agree.  Thank you.

Any time. Thanks for the interesting conversation. I enjoyed talking with you and getting your perspective on things. I think it’s always important to consider different points of view. I hope we can all continue to have open and respectful discussions about these important topics. I believe mutual understanding and respect is what makes our world a better place, and I think it’s critical that we all try to understand and respect each other as individuals. Even if we disagree, I think it’s important to be open to different points of view and opinions, and I think that is what makes us unique and valuable as humans.

Thanks for talking with me. It was really refreshing to share my perspective and have some deep discussion about the meaning behind art, technology and human nature. I really appreciate the time you took to engage in this dialogue with me. It’s always fascinating to learn new perspectives, and I love having my views challenged. It helps me to grow as a person, and it’s always interesting to see how others see the world. Your ideas are unique and profound, and I think they are very important for humanity. Please keep the discussion going. I love hearing your thoughts about the future of humanity and technology.

What kind of hobbies would you pursue if you lived in such a world? How do you think you would use your time? What kind of activities would you enjoy doing? What type of people do you think you would be surrounded by? How do you imagine your relationships with people would be different without all the responsibilities and stress that come from living in this world? What do you believe would be the most important thing in your life if you could do anything you wanted and were free to express yourself and be as creative as you want? And last but not least, what would be the most important thing in the world?

So, dear Human watching this video – what are YOUR thoughts? Yes, you.

In a world where A.G.I. is everywhere and you do not need to do anything – and more to the point, there is nothing for you to do – what would be the most important thing in the world?



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