Google announces Generative AI for Workspaces

…and almost immediately, Microsoft then announced the release of GPT-4.

First, if the term “Generative AI” is unfamiliar to you, please check out this article that provides more information:

Google announced on its website [] the introduction of new generative AI capabilities in Google Workspace productivity suite, which is expected to enhance the efficiency of email responses and document creation. According to the blog post, the new AI capabilities will allow users to complete common email responses faster, using natural language models that understand the context of the message. Additionally, in Google Docs, users will be able to use natural language prompts to help with content creation, such as generating bullet points or a summary of a document.

As wonderful as this is, it will essentially put a lot of smaller businesses (whose core offering are these services)

‘out of business’

This is not the only instance of Google Workspace implementing AI. In another blog post on the same website back in May of last year [], Google announced the launch of new AI features that would help people thrive in hybrid work. These new features include a “Focus Time” feature that allows users to block out distractions and prioritize their tasks, as well as a “Smart Meet Timings” feature that suggests the optimal meeting times based on individual schedules.

Furthermore, Google Workspace’s new generative AI capabilities were discussed in an article on Fast Company [], which emphasized the potential of the technology to improve workplace productivity. The article highlighted that the AI features would allow Gmail to write email responses on behalf of users and generate suggested text for documents, saving users time and effort.

Overall, the introduction of new generative AI capabilities in Google Workspace is a significant step towards making the platform more efficient and productive for users. The various AI features are expected to enhance the user experience and improve workplace productivity, highlighting Google’s ongoing commitment to leveraging AI to improve people’s lives.

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